Artist creating Up-cycled Fashion and more

Cover up 🙂

Handmade fresh fashion, styling with a warm feeling, a hint of bling!

Fashion for Your Face

Hand-painted one of a kind glass skull planters for your desk, great for soil less cuttings 🙂 with optional LED light string included 🙂

Hand painted one of a kind skull vases, fresh!!!

It’s Sunday meaning fun day!! Crystal Beach makers market, meet Lisa the market manager and an amazing person that puts it all together!!! I had a quick chat with Lisa today about the repair café, each week there are repair persons to fix, repair and Sharpen your stuff!!!

You can even drop off your Bicycle and pick it up the following Sunday!! We have a repair person who picks up the bicycles, repairs and returns them the following Sunday!! it’s free !! How cool is that!!! Check out ”Advancing Crystal Beach” website, for more details!!

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Hippy Butts, Crazy Brains hand painted potted succulents ready to share I love getting my hands covered with colour!! Lithops is a genus of succulent plants in the ice plant family, Aizoaceae. Members of the genus are native to southern Africa. The name is derived from the Ancient Greek words λίθος, meaning “stone,” and ὄψ, meaning “face,” referring to the stone-like appearance of the plants. #festivaloffriends #festivaloffriends2019 #plantman #succulents #succulentsofinstagram #grownincanada #canadianartist #robertjohnson #robertjohnsonmedia #robertjohnsonartist @wearearthamont@wearehamont #madeastatement #healingvibrations #hippy #plantsforlove #freshliveplants #allnaturalbeauty #livingstones #lithopslover #artcrawlhamont #hamont #handmade #grownlocal #suportlocalbrand #mygardentoyou #houseplants #coulormyworldhouseandgarden #colormyworldbeautiful #greatgifts #giftideas #liveplants

T’ed up, feels like i have been sewing for days lol!!’ This is the second of the series, custom one of a kind T shirts all made completely of ups cycled materials 🙂 Continuing my journey from the earth to the earth 🙂 Deconstruct reconstruct from the ground up!

Nothing says more perfect than something creative specially for you from the ground up to Haute Couture

Custom leather Fedora built with pride and quality

Wow what an amazing day and a very early start 5:15 am off to an awesome place Crystal Beach farmers market

Sundays 9am -3pm

We had a great time and these One of a kind hand make T’s found their rightful owners they are perfect !!!

Thank you to all the great people for chatting and engaging 🙂

An early meet up and Adventure to Crystal Beach

Fashion “i” wear me 🙂 incase you are wondering? i sew, deconstructed to reconstruct fashion, repurposed, redefined for use:)

a silk purse 🙂

Nothing is more pleasant then playing in garden! Perfect little worlds, mini eco system Table Top Gardens Celebrating 35 years of getting my hands dirty …. “i” creates and “I” is shouting it out 🙂

The return of, never left is the Beret.

Handmade from my studio just for you !!!

The beret fits snugly around the head, and can be “shaped” in a variety of ways – in the North America  it is commonly worn pushed to one side. In Central America  and South America , local custom usually prescribes the manner of wearing the beret; there is no universal rule and older gentlemen usually wear it squared on the head, jutting forward. It can be worn by both men and women.

A classic bowtie for You, Your, Dawg or your Lady:)

Finished and ready, fashionable clothes produced by my little but bold fashion house! One designer surrounded with equipment that creates extraordinary:) What is the designing and making of haute couture clothing.

noun: haute couture

“the champions of haute couture insist that it can be as visionary as any art form”. An all nighter till i got it out of my system, this piece contains part of me as in every piece an artist creates!!

Channelling energy on my vintage Phaff cylinder arm machine sewing Machine, Circa 1960’s. !!! Who needs a hat? The mad hatter stitching over bitching!!! Oh I better not, Break the pattern !

hand made up cycled mashup T-Shirts one of a kind, My art therapy each one is a zen moment while creating, relaxing and contributing to my mental health, what a Joy to see these unique handmade creations find their homes!!! Sending Joy

Hand made sable fur hat designed for winters in Canada and around the world in subZero temperatures. Slow Fashion up cycled cleaned fur repurposed with love and respect, from the earth to the earth Sustainable fashion.

Great day Creativity flowing, played inside and out 🙂

The Mad Hatter #ushanka #ushankahat #ushankas #minkushanka #robertjohnson #robertjohnsonmedia #madhatter #madhatmaker #handmadehats #genderneutral #canadianmade #repurposedfur #hotheadz #runwayfashion #winterincanada #ocanada #ecofashionista #newyorkfashion2019 #londonfashionweek2019

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ACA9E843-1D5E-47DB-8195-7626DD883FD6January 21 2019 Snow day, Great time to start on a new hat, Mink and Leather Full Head!!! cleaned, dismantled and repurposed fur and Leather slow fashion. From the earth to the earth

Bold and Beautiful
Nothing is as warm and eco friendly as natural fabrics and ethical fur for Canadian winters
Pilot hats made from ethical leather and for eco-friendly natural an extremely warm for Canadian winters handmaid
Robert Johnson design A good topper for a winter day
Warm and solid, a Canadian winter, created individually , just plain unique 🙂

Talk about an item made for you. What a surprise one of my one of a kind pouches totally fit, this lady is styling I was mesmerized with the dancing light reflecting off these wild eye frames!!! You Rock !!
Launching of  these one of a kind  T shirts SuperCrawl 2018 what an amazing group
of people.  Thank you eveyone for making my first experience of this event,  absolutely awesome !!  Peace and Joy.  Robert
Each one unique, one of a kind hand stitched. a joy creating statement wareable art shirts

A stitch and Bitch session lol kidding more a love!  An inside look upStyling Fashion  I have been creating!!
Crazy Shopping sacks up-cycle limited patterns
One of a kind and Eco friendly up-cycled sacks for market and many other uses. Please contact for more information and availibility.
Thank you Robert 

img_6165The Artist thinks absolutely nothing is impossible in a world filled with endless imagination , living one step ahead in life, visualize and creating with no holds bared The artist is born with an endless flow of creativity that at times seen crazy in a two dimensional world. Artist are spontaneous and at times can be sleepless, focused and curt. An artist lives in a state of the forth detention, tuned into emotions, feelings and thoughts, every piece an artist creates is part of their story, adventure and a physical part of their being. Trying to understand an Artist requires looking into their work and the many stories they tell when appealing to your senses at all levels, provoking thoughts and feeling without labeling g their art 🙂 Namaste 🙏 sending Joy Up-cycle glass water bottle with a bottle sleeve incase you drop, absorbs the sweat from the cold bottle and easy to carry. Good for your health and the environment the Reusable Stopper Glass Water Bottle and Sleeve 🙂 And how do I Carry you ask, the sleeve has a perfect over the shoulder strap circle stitched for strength, long enough to Twist round the sleeve and hang over your shoulder 🙂

Please enter your contact details and a short message below and I will answer your query as soon as possible. Have an Awesome Day !!! Robert