All 365 of him

Jak is an amazing doggy that truly is human.
Jak is a Parson Jack Russell full of energy and smart as a whip, did I say he is crazy fast and any one with a ball is his best friend.
Every morning Jack wakes me up 7:30 am, it’s time for coffee and his timbit.  Our neighborhood Tim Horton’s staff just love Jak he makes their day by winding down his window and pocking his head out to look inside the drive threw window.  Java and timbits in hand we go to the park and between sips, Jak also known as the monkey runs like a crazy man retrieving the ball till we leave.
Jak is loved by so many that meet him, his personality is infectious. How can anyone resist him rolling around on the ground at your feet whining and growling, he’s quite the chatter monkey. Who could not love Jak, he is pure love!!

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